SAN ANTONIO — The SA Cancer Council is sponsoring an event in October to fund critical research.

The Cure Cancer Card is the largest fundraising program for the SA Cancer Council. Since 2006, it's brought in more than $2 million. Starting Aug 22, shoppers can buy the card for $50. The card gives shoppers a 20 percent discount at more than 250 retailers for ten days in October.


"They're helping me and every cancer patient here in San Antonio," Aflred San Miguel, a rectal cancer survivor said. "I get to a point sometimes where I don't have money for medicine, but I went to the Cancer Center and they said 'Well how much do you need?' And they paid for it."

"We have to take care of a whole person,” SA Cancer Council volunteer Melinda Urion said. “So the monies we raise to help the patients, as well as the monies we raise for research is all geared toward changing the story about cancer and curing cancer."

The funds from the cards support research to prevent and cure cancer at the UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center.


"That's what pays for transportation, pays for your medicine, some people for room and board, your light, your rent. And that's a big weight off your shoulders," San Miguel said.


"We don't want these cancer patients to be worrying about that. We want them focused on getting well," Urion said.

"I'm in remission so I'm going to keep fighting it and try to help anybody that I can," San Miguel said.

For more information and to buy a Cure Cancer Card, visit its website.