SAN ANTONIO --The San Antonio Amputee Foundation, also known as SAAF, is featuring 12 local amputees for their 2019 calendar.

They range in ages from 17 year olds to 60 year olds and all of them have different types of amputation.

SAAF is a nonprofit that helps rebuild the lives of amputees through peer support, education, recreation, and financial assistance for basic home and car modifications and prosthetic limbs.  Since the organization is donation-based, they are hoping to raise money through the calendar.

One model and leg amputee, Roland Spencer, shared his story. He said an amputation is not the end of the world, it's something that can be overcome.

"You're going to be in pain, no matter if you are handicapped or able-body. You're going to be in pain. So what it is, is all in your brain. It's how you deal with it mentally. You have to talk to yourself, and you have to tell yourself to keep going and hopefully people around you will encourage you," said Spencer.

Spencer's story is just one of the many great outcomes from the San Antonio Amputee Foundation. 

"We want to show people that amputation is not the end of the world and our folks are strong and confident," said Donna Killough, of the San Antonio Amputee Foundation

The calendars will be avaliable by December and all proceeds will go to the San Antonio Amputee Foundation.

For more information, follow SAAF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.