SAN ANTONIO — From depression to anxiety to thoughts of suicide — young adults in San Antonio are helping one another voice their concerns and tackle some very serious issues.

Members of the Young Minds Matter program are hard at work creating a curriculum to help with suicide prevention.

As part of nonprofit The Health Collaborative, young adults speak with their peers in schools, churches and events.

Students say having the power to express your feelings in a casual setting is empowering.

"So when it comes to suicide, our main goal is really to give them a platform to be able to speak,” said Joy-El Brookins.

"I like that they're able to talk to anybody in our program. Because we do take the whole youth team. Some of the youth has gone through actual problems that they're dealing with," said Kaila Torres.

Some other priority issues of the Health Collaborative are increasing health literacy and preventing obesity.

Many of these students first start as interns before finding themselves coming back full time.