SAN ANTONIO -- Calling all vegetarians and fast-foodies: Earth Burger, a vegetarian fast-food stand, has expanded to its second location.

Earth Burger is a veggie stand that offers plant-based alternatives to eating meat. It will expand to a building located at 2501 Nacogdoches Road, which formerly housed a Church’s Chicken. Menu items are nutrient rich and plant-based, made with no hydrogenated oils or artificial colors.

Menu items feature:


  • Fish-less sandwiches
  • Grilled chik’n protein wraps
  • BBQ sandwiches
  • Signature Earth Burger


  • Fries
  • Kale Salads
  • Apple Slices

Organically sweetened sodas are offered as well.  

Earth Burger was a concept created by Chef Mike Behrend, aka The Veg King, who used Kickstarter to execute his vision in 2014. It has been expanding ever since.  

“We’re thrilled that our second location for San Antonio is finally open,” Behrend said. “It’s strange to think one of the few plant-based fast food options in America came out of San Antonio, but we’re glad to be the ambassadors.”

For more information, visit its website