LEON VALLEY, Texas -- The Leon Valley Historical Society is celebrating San Antonio's Tricentennial with ice cream.

On Saturday, the Pioneer Ice Cream Social kicked off at the historic Huebner-Onion Homestead. The Leon Valley-based event is part of San Antonio’s commemoration honoring its 300th anniversary. Tours of the homestead gave visitors a chance to learn about the landmark's influence on Bexar County.

A member of the Onion family even confirmed the tales surrounding the historic home.

"My dad and my uncle, his twin brother when they lived out here they experienced some strange happening and they always attributed it to old man Huebner,” said Frank Onion.

The Onion family purchased the home in 1930 after the original owner, Joseph Huebner, died. He is buried on the property and his spirit is believed to roam throughout the home.