WINDCREST, Texas — A class of Premier High School East Campus students are on a mission to find their teacher the perfect match after learning her name was placed on a transplant list.

The school's lead teacher, Mary Beggs, is living with acute kidney failure. Her diagnosis came after she became ill with a severe stomach virus nearly a year ago.  

"The stomach virus went after my pancreas. My pancreas went into pancreatitis and then, that affected my kidneys, they went into failure while we were on vacation," said Beggs.

The 17-year educator has been on dialysis since July 2017 and most recently, placed on a kidney transplant list.

"Hearing that she's having kidney problems and it's severe, it really caught me off guard," said Lathaniel Leung, a student of Beggs.

After learning their beloved teacher was battling an illness outside the classroom, they stepped in to help.

"I've been going to restaurants and Starbucks or cafes, any business that would allow us to post up the fliers,' said Mia Salas-Rios, a student.

In between posting fliers inside business, Mia has also been handing out small cards that contain Beggs' contact information.

"I gave her (Mia's) mom a big stack and they have been handing them out all over town,"said Beggs.

The teacher also hands them out during her doctor's appointments.

"You basically have to market yourself."

Beggs, Salas-Rios and the rest of the class are hopeful by spreading the word someone will consider becoming her donor.

"My theme in life is carpe diem or seize the day and so whatever is going to happen is going to happen."

Mary Beggs is searching for a Type A Negative donor.

For more information, you can contact or visit Mary's GoFundMe here*. 

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