UVALDE COUNTY, Texas - It's been a year since 13 New Braunfels church members died in a bus crash in Uvalde County.

Experts say that holidays like Easter can be a struggle for those trying to celebrate, even as they still grieve.

We spoke to a grief counselor about navigating the anniversary of a loss in a healthful way.

The intoxicated driver involved in the crash crossed the center line and hit the bus head-on. The truck driver survived, but loved ones are still grieving.

Loss of life advocate Esther Cardenas Pipoly said the first anniversary of losing someone can be traumatic.

"When you're coming up to an anniversary, there's a lot of physical things that your body's going to go through as far as grief. And one of the things that I like to tell them is that you're always going to grieve someone that is gone, and as anniversaries come up, it's really about reminding ourselves to celebrate the lives. To make sure that you're going back and remembering the positives, because usually the circumstances surrounding loss can be quite tragic," Pipoly said.   

Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman said even people removed from the tragedy may struggle during holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

"People tend to get nervous and not know what to do. And that means friends. So, do we call this person? Do we not? Do we stay away?" said Gottsman.  

Gottsman said to always reach out; always make that call.

"Even if it's been multiple years, because they still remember. It's these times of the year that are very special and memories pop up," Gottsman said.   

Even as victims' families and their church family may be struggling one year later, Pipoly said that now more than ever, it's important to relive fond memories.

"On this day, remember the good things that people have lost," Pipoly said.