SAN ANTONIO - This time of year is absolutely crucial for the seafood industry, but at San Antonio's Groomer's Seafood, they've been on a roll since Super Bowl Sunday.

 Between Fat Tuesday, Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday and Lenten Fridays, seafood is in high demand, and Groomer's is diving right in.

They've been a San Antonio favorite since '83, but fishing has been in the family business for a long time.

"It started down in South Texas. We were the original commercial fishermen down in that part of the world, and we've been doing it since probably the start of the century we've been doing it," said Richard Groomer.

This time of year matters for Groomer's.

"During the Lenten season, especially this year the way it fell with Valentine's and all the other holidays stacked up against it, it increases about 35 percent to 40 percent over a normal month during this time of the year," Groomer said.

Seafood that comes through the doors ends up on plates at home and a wide range of businesses.

"We supply about 1,300 restaurants across the state of Texas, and we distribute to 12 or 13 states across the country," Groomer said.

Since a lot of it comes right from the coast, the food boasts a local flare.

"The good thing about coming here and getting your seafood is that you can pick whatever you want. We sell about 3,000 different seafood items and kinds in the store," Groomer said.