SAN ANTONIO — The Stanford University marching band’s halftime performance didn’t go over so well per TCU (and Texas) fans at the Valero Alamo Bowl on Thursday night.

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Titled "True Facts About Texas," the band attempted to take a few playful jabs at Texas-isms.

From big trucks to queso to politics, the band didn't go easy. 

Some snippets:

"Texas ranks last overall in state pride."

"Texans are so humble that they only made their Capitol building a tiny bit bigger than the nation's Capitol!"

"Texas has nothing unique about it. Everything is super normal here."

"And suddenly I have the strange urge to buy an F-150!"

The marching band also took at shot at the proposed border wall, saying "the cost of it could only pay for the tuition of about 20 million college students."

But things took a turn for the worst when the band poked fun at Texas’ beloved Whataburger: "A fast food chain that apparently only serves water."

Whataburger responded on Twitter, "Maybe if the Stanford band had some Whataburger they wouldn't be so unhappy."

...To which the band later responded, "Give us some coupons and we’ll give it a try! We’ll try anything once." OH REALLY?! 

The performance triggered boos out of attending Texans.


Courtesy/Stanford Marching Band, Twitter
Courtesy/Stanford Marching Band, Twitter