SAN ANTONIO - They come from every direction.

People like Ephrain Bosmans is posing as Santa's helper by delivering hundreds of pairs of shoes. He hopes to put a smile on the faces of children.

"We started with about 68 pairs of shoes the first year. We went to 170 last year, and we hit 210 this year," he said.

He's one of the many who are making donations of toys, shoes and clothing to the Children's Shelter of San Antonio, where dozens of kids will spend the holidays.

"Kids are removed from their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said India Chumney of The Children's Shelter.  "We have new kids coming in every day this week (and) aome of them in the middle of the night."

Right now, the Children's Shelter is nearly at capacity. Around 60 kids will wake up here Christmas morning.

Thanks to a giving community, they'll have a gift to open.

"Our kids have a fantastic Christmas here," said Chumney. "But there are many who are still in need - not of toys - but basic items like clothing. About a year ago, this shelter began caring for teenagers up to 16 years old, too.

"We're also very short on teenage clothing. For our girls, anywhere from junior sizes (and) all the way to women's 16. For men's, probably extra-large shirts we are very short on," said Chumney.

This emergency shelter never knows clothing size of those teenagers before they arrive.

"Our older kids that may come in and we don't have clothes for them. We need to run to our local H-E-B Plus or Wal-Mart or Target. So gift cards this time of year are very helpful in any denomination," said Chumney.

While children may not be with family this Christmas, the goal here every day is to help kids feel welcome and wanted.