AUSTIN, Texas - While many spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home with family, some people choose to get an early start and brighten someone’s day with a hot meal.

Thanksgiving is a day for families and a good meal, but some can't enjoy those simple moments.

Meals on Wheels has been delivering Thanksgiving day plates since 2006. Thursday almost 500 people were given a hot holiday meal and some company.

"Volunteering on Thanksgiving is very special and there is time to do it. You're still able to cook your own meal. You still have time to see your own family and friends," said Vanessa Masse, a volunteer.

Masse and Dan Melfi volunteer every year, making it a point to spread generosity and spend time with those who might be alone during the holiday.

"It’s good to try and make someone's day before you have your own Thanksgiving,” Melfi said. 

One of the couple's first stops was Bertrand Millhouse, who lives in senior community.

He is often alone on holidays because his family lives out of state and with two hip replacements, cooking a hot meal can be difficult. 

"I see it as a blessing from God. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sent you as far as I'm concerned. It makes my day. You're my family for Thanksgiving. I'm going to remember that,” said Bertrand Millhouse, a meal recipient.

The couple says it’s people like Millhouse that make volunteering worth spending a little time away from family on Thanksgiving.

Meals on Wheels distributed more than 100 pounds of turkey and cornbread dressing, 500 dinner rolls, and almost 40 pounds of spiced pumpkin cake.

They also provided clients with breakfast for Friday morning.