SAN ATNONIO -- Watching coverage of the Sutherland Springs shooting has many children asking questions, and therapists who work closely with kids say there's a right way and a wrong way to talk to kids about tragedy.

Therapists say you should use very simple terms for very young children and try not to overwhelm them. For school aged children and teenagers - experts say it's ok to talk about what's right and what's wrong and also talk about the heroes and ways people are stepping up to help.

But above all, therapists say parents should also seek help if they feel they need it.

"That they're able to connect with that they're able to talk about how they're feeling and deal with how they're feeling, so when they're ready to talk to a child about it they're in a place where they can provide comfort and hope instead of a place where where they're really struggling themselves,” said ALLIE HENNIS - THE CHILDREN'S SHELTER.

Not all children may have question, but it doesn't mean they're not affected. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stick to family routines and limit TV exposure at home.