SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - The road is back open, the crime scene tape removed, and now a large fence surrounds First Baptist Church.

According to reports, the building is set for demolition. While a new one could be built on the grounds, and a memorial may grow in its place.

In the meantime, families continue to pray and reflect in front of the crosses of their loved ones.

"She was just a very vibrant girl. Dramatic. Loved to make everybody laugh," said Charlene Uhl. "She was just amazing and loved to help anybody."

It’s been five days since Uhl lost her daughter — 16 year old Haley Krueger.

"It’s just devastating. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t have to go through this and bury a child," said Uhl, who learned about Sunday's shooting online. "I’d say about 11:30. I read about it on Facebook. I was at my house and I just jumped in the car and left."

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She says her daughter had dreams of becoming a nurse and going to college. Haley loved country music, the hill country, and went to church and youth group twice a week.

"She loved church. To go outside to play with her brother and children, she loved her nephew," said Uhl.

Now Uhl and her three children are facing the seemly impossible task of saying goodbye.

"They’re not doing to good, but the best that we can. We try to stick together," Uhl said.

As for the church that her daughter loved so much, "(the) church should be held elsewhere. Still have the church, but this particular one be gone," said Uhl.