SAN ANTONIO -- Philanthropy is the driving force behind The Junior League of San Antonio.

Of more than 60 community partners, there's one in particular that has a member coming back to donate her time week after week.

"I feel like we do impact them and it's a great experience,” said Rebecca Bagby.

Every Thursday night, Bagby and other women from the Junior League donate their time at Any Baby Can, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families with special needs children. The volunteers do clerical work and also look after the kids.

"We get involved and play with them and color with them.  We just make them happy while they're parents are getting counseling.  Their kids are born with autism and some don't know what to do. And so this is a great place to have guidance and material and people to counsel you and help you," said Bagby.

Due to volunteers like her, parents can focus on learning, knowing they have free, reliable childcare in the same building.

"They're so grateful and so appreciative of us being here.  We always get parents that are so thankful and give us hugs sometimes,” said Bagby.

The whole experience has been so rewarding, Bagby has been coming for two years with no plans on stopping any time soon.

"I can't even explain it in words how amazing it makes me feel doing it, especially this place.  It's really great just watching people grow and seeing how much it impacts everyone,” she said.

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