SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Rackspace announced Tuesday a layoff of about six percent of its workforce nationwide, including San Antonio. 

Now, the City has partnered with technology advocacy group Tech Bloc, to create a position that will help talent find new jobs.

“Anytime you have a business, [it] can potentially go through transitions. But, I think we have a strong group of people in the technology industry here in San Antonio. That are really, you know, committed to growing the pool of workers and supporting companies,” said San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor.

City leaders say there’s a high demand for tech talent in San Antonio.

“I think tech jobs are crucial. It doesn’t have to be technology companies. Every company has tech jobs,” said Taylor.

The new talent recruitment officer will serve as a liaison for employers and employees. 

“We want to develop more workers to fit those jobs in the ones that are already here. We want to make sure they have great placements,” said Taylor.

Tech Bloc will hire and manage the new position. The City will pitch in $150,000 over the next two years to pay the new employee.