SAN ANTONIO — If you know anything about Star Wars, the fictional character Princess Leia is a hero for the feminist movement since 1977.

“She is the epitome of a nasty woman. She doesn’t let a man tell her what to do. She says what she wants to say. And she gets stuff done," said Lucy Gonzalez, an artist.

This is how this heavily-attended fundraiser all came together as part of DreamWeek. The exhibit was held Saturday at the AP Art Lab.

“If someone is not representing you, or you feel under represented, then use your voice,” said Suzy Gonzalez, organizer of the San Antonio Nasty Women Art Exhibition.

The San Antonio resident alongside co-conspirator and Austinite Elle Minter joined forces to battle what they see as an attack on women’s rights, civil rights, and those of immigrants and LGBTQ from the incoming presidential administration.

New York City hosted the first Nasty Women Art Show earlier this month.

“The only other city that was doing it was Lubbock, and they were only taking Lubbock artists. So she called me and said, 'Do you want to do one in San Antonio?' So I said, 'Yeah, let’s do it,'" said Minter.

54 artists donated more than 100 pieces of work to be sold to benefit Planned Parenthood of South Texas.

Last month Texas health officials issued a final legal notice that Planned Parenthood will lose more than $3 million dollars in Medicaid funding.

“You can be a part of something. You do have the power to make change with your art work," said Suzy Gonzalez.

That’s the spirit of a feminist rebel, Princess Leia, would be proud of.