San Antonio has agreed to pay raises for its City Council.

For months, Mayor Ivy Taylor pushed for the charter change. On Saturday, the change passed with just 55 percent of the vote.

Right now, City Council members earn $20 per week. The mayor is paid $20 each week plus $3,000 for the year.

Councilmembers will soon be paid nearly $46,000 annually, while the mayor will earn more than $61,000. The pay scales are based on the annual median income in San Antonio.

"The taxes will not have to be raised nor will there have to be any additional line items. The money is already there,” Taylor said. “Councilmembers have the money in their budget to pay staffers, so it will be up to each councilmember how to utilize the funds they already have for their office."

Supporters say the pay raise opens up city leadership positions to people who could not work full time and serve on the council.

The charter amendments were previously turned down in 1974 and 2004.