Megan Campbell joined the Spectrum 1 News staff in February 2021.

From having a neighborhood tornado watch club at age six to carrying her storm spotter card at all times, Megan loves to forecast and has always been fascinated by weather. 

Megan grew up near Indianapolis, but halfway through school, her family relocated to Knoxville, TN.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in geography and broadcasting from East Tennessee State University in 2003.  Shortly after graduation she was offered a full scholarship to study meteorology at Mississippi State University. While in grad school, Megan became a member of the local National Weather Service Chapter and American Meteorological Society. While there, she also met her husband, and moved to Washington DC with him upon graduation.

Megan made her television debut in DC, before moving with her husband to Central Virginia and ultimately Texas. While working with KEYE-TV in Austin, she loved covering “Texas sized” severe weather and even produced a Go Green environmental series.  Because of her passion for weather, she even went on to become the first female Chief Meteorologist in Knoxville, before stepping away to start her family.

When not chasing storms Megan enjoys the outdoors, skiing, and playing with her twin boys and her German shorthaired-pointer, Chewbarka.