SAN ANTONIO -  Food deserts on the South Side of San Antonio are a real problem. The lack of larger grocery stores makes it difficult for families to have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods without traveling miles away from their homes.

  • Common Bites program came from a grant
  • Allows every student in the school to sample a snack

They're trying to help with that problem at the Menchaca Early Childhood Center.

"We want our kids to learn that eating healthy makes a difference in their body, and their mind, and their growth. That's why we decided to do Common Bites, because it's this program that's definitely helping us teach students that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for our bodies," said principal Rebecca Herrera.

The money for the Common Bites program came from a grant, and allows every student in the school to sample a snack, eight separate times during the school year.  When you do the math, it breaks down to just 50 cents per child, per lesson, but Instructional Coach Cindie Cantu stretches it out.

"We make it work. It's more than enough," said Cantu.

Each month, teachers present a nutritional lesson to the students, and then let them make their own healthy snack, before sampling their creation.

The hope is that they like the food and bring those fresh, healthy ideas home with them.

"We want to make sure at Menchaca, that we're starting young, letting the kids know we got to make choices, we got to look for better things for our body and our mind," said Herrera.