SAN ANTONIO -- While many of us are trying to keep warm inside our homes, some people are trying to keep warm outside on the streets.

  • About 1,1000 people in Bexar Co. have no shelter
  • Salvation Army asking for donations of blankets, shoes, and coats
  • One woman brought herself and children into the shelter

According to the latest numbers, about 1,100 people in Bexar County have no shelter. They are outside sleeping in the cold. Another 1,600 or so are living in shelters.

The accommodations are modest but it’s something DeNaisha is grateful for. She finds security in the hallways of the Salvation Army emergency shelter.

"I know everybody on the floor. They know me," said DeNaisha.

She didn’t want to use her full name to protect her children. Her small bedroom at this Salvation Army shelter is home, for now.

"They gave us stuffed animals and I just decorated it for the kids," she said. It's the place where she and her two children will stay warm.




"It's freezing. I was freezing. I couldn't be out there," she said.

DeNaisha went in a few weeks ago. If the Salvation Army hadn't taken her, she said she would have ended up on living on the streets. It is a very real situation people at the shelter see often.

"Even if you have at least one layer of everything covered and you're still cold. You know, I can't imagine people that don't have anything when they come in," said Brad Mayhar of the Salvation Army.

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Blankets and coats are currently flying off the shelves. The Salvation Army is even in need of shoe donations this time of year, for adults and kids.

"It's not only single men and single women who come up. But we've also seen instances where we've seen they've come with families and sometimes those children are wearing shorts. One time I remember barefoot kids. I remember at that time I stopped what I was doing and said ‘Here's my card and it has our address please go by and see if they can help,’" Mayhar said.

The shelter is packed but despite the cold, the streets still aren't empty.

"So many people out there that we don't even see that are still in need," said Mayhar.

DeNaisha never imagined she'd be here but she is leaving soon to a more permanent home and taking some lessons with her.

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"You always have to think that could be your child in this situation, your mom, your dad, your grandpa," she said. "I teach them now. They're only 3 and 6 but I teach them now to give, to share and help."

The Salvation Army is asking for donations of blankets, shoes, and coats.

If you'd like to help, you can drop off donations at the emergency shelter at 515 West Elmira.

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