ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A popular way to get around these days is using motorized bikes and scooters. But according to a study by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, hospitals across the country reported more than 53,000 e-bike-related injuries from 2017 to 2022.

Jesse Peers is all about alternative transportation. As cycling manager for Reconnect Rochester, Peers encourages community members to do the same. 

What You Need To Know

  • There are 500 scooters and 200 e-bikes for use throughout Rochester

  • In 2022, there were already 77 million motorized bike and scooter users worldwide

  • Riders can follow five tips to stay safe

One alternative transportation method growing in popularity: e-scooters and bikes. According to the Statista Mobility Market outlook, there were just 10 million users worldwide in 2018.  By 2022 there were already 77 million. 

Peers says riders on motorized bikes and scooters can stay safe this summer if they keep in mind five simple tips. 

"Follow the law. All those pavement markings, traffic signals, traffics signs those are for you as well," said Peers. 

That’s one rule to keep in mind. Another is making yourself seen by wearing bright clothes or using lights. Hand signals are also an easy but important way to alert drivers and prevent injuries.

"There should be no question in other road user's minds about what your move is about to be," said Peers. "Make theat obivous with your road position and signals."

If you’re behind the wheel and see scooters and bikes on the road, make sure you give them space. Monroe County is one of two counties in the state that have a defined safe passing law. 

"You have to pass them with three feet of distance. So cyclists do have a right to the road," said Peers. 

In Rochester, there are 500 scooters and 200 e-bikes for use throughout the city. 

Peers understands using alternative transportation isn’t always an option, but he says making small changes can have a big impact.