PENFIELD, N.Y. — It’s the kind of pick-me-up that doesn’t take much effort but means a lot to a little boy from the Rochester area. 

Kylo West has severe food allergies and a rare autoimmune disease. He’s an active kid and also a budding YouTuber. Kylo’s goals include a request for more followers on his page — a welcome distraction to what he’s going through. 

Kylo is like a lot of kids.

“I like to play sports,” he said. “I like playing with my dad.”

And he likes to make videos, showing off his many adventures, on his own YouTube channel.

“Every subscriber is like a celebration,” said Nicole West, Kylo’s mom, who also serves as photographer and editor. “Every day we wake up and check his subscribers.“

Kylo is 7 years old. And while the third grader has more energy than most kids his age, it’s not always easy. 

“Kylo has been through a lot in life,” said his mother. 

That includes numerous food allergies. Milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, all of which can trigger a condition called EoE. Eosinophilic esophagitis attacks the esophagus.

“Sometimes it’s kind of scary,” said Kylo.

The West family is still trying to figure it out. Steroids and an elimination diet help. Kylo undergoes an endoscopy every three months. 

“As a parent, it can feel like a dark place,” said Nicole. “You can get sad over seeing these things happen to your kids. But goals keep your mind on the light part, and that there's more to life than this.”

Like Kylo’s videos, which highlight “Kylo’s goals.” Videos showing bowling, trips to amusement parks and other activities are a distraction. They’re also designed to be an inspiration for other sick kids.

“We’re just really wanting to make an impact in other kids' lives with medical conditions, or EoE or food allergies,” said Nicole. “And hopefully it'll be a distraction for them.”

YouTubers know it takes some time to build up a following. Kylo’s wish is to get as many subscribers on his YouTube channel and followers on his Instagram page as possible.

“I think the hard part is getting it into the hands of kids,” said Kylo’s mom. “Adults love watching kids, but kids love watching kids even more.”

Kids who may or may not have a lot in common with Kylo. A resilient kid — who’s looking to share smiles.

“It’s been a lot,” said Nicole. “But he’s a trooper. He really is so strong.”