DUNN, N.C. -- 73 years after they were hit, two World War II soldiers were honored with the Purple Heart medal.

  • Two Purple Heart medals were presented to two WWII soldiers
  • Silas Moore was killed in action, but family accepted his medal 
  • Joseph Smith also accepted his medal

One of those men, Silas Earl Moore, was killed in action. His brother, Clarence Moore, was only 12 years old at that time. On Saturday, at American Legion Post 59, Clarence Moore, who is now 85, received his brother's Purple Heart Medal. He also was given a folded American flag that paid tribute to Silas Moore's sacrifice.

Joseph Smith, who also fought in the European Theater against Nazi Germany suffered his wound only eight days before the war in Europe ended. He recovered and was on hand Saturday, with his family to be presented with the Purple Heart. He had a message that he wanted everyone to remember.



"Live the best you can and thank God from where he brought you and that you're still alive today," he said.

The Veterans' Legacy Foundation helped make this event possible. Along with the Purple Heart, Mr. Smith received six additional medals for his service. Mr. Moore also accepted the Bronze Star medal on his brother's behalf. 

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