Two New York state lawmakers are introducing legislation aimed to help fire and police departments with access to grant funding.

Crafted by Republican state Sen. Joseph Griffo and Democratic state Assemblyman Billy Jones, the Public Safety Investment Act would provide police and fire departments with access to $300 million in grant funding to help with recruitment and retention efforts, as well as purchasing equipment.

According to the lawmakers, the money would be available over a three-year period and eligible departments could apply for a share of $100 million each year.

“Throughout New York, many police and fire departments are struggling financially and face significant challenges when it comes recruiting and retaining members and keeping equipment up to date and in working order,” Griffo said in a statement. “Local governments are often forced to raise taxes to address these issues. This bill will strengthen police and fire departments, enhance public safety in the state and help to alleviate the burden on taxpayers.”

“I have visited almost every fire department in my district and every single one of them is struggling to make ends meet as well as recruit and retain members,” Jones said. “The same is happening at police departments across New York as well. I am proud to introduce this bill to help our local fire and police departments acquire the resources they need to keep us all safe and answer the call when we are in need.”


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