A coalition of New York-based advocacy organizations this week is calling for legislation meant to bolster infrastructure in the wake of climate change-related disasters around the country. 

The groups are backing a measure that would create a top official in the federal government in charge of climate resiliency in order to improve disaster preparedness programs. 

The National Climate Adptation and Resilience Strategy Act has the backing of organizations that include Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council, Inc.; Rural Housing Coalition of New York; Defend H2O; Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy; Friends of the Bay; Regional Plan Association; Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; Bronx Chamber of Commerce; Queens Chamber of Commerce; Three Rivers Development Corporation; New York Solar Energy Society; New Yorkers for Clean Power; Kingston Citizens; Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment; New York Building Congress; and JASA.

Those groups this week sent a letter in support of the legislation. 

Intense weather events in the last several years have led officials to raise concerns over whether infrastructure and housing is prepared for disasters. Flash flooding in the wake of intense storms, including the remnants of a hurricane that swept through New York and the northeast region last year, have led to calls for bolstering infrastructure, especially in low-income communities. 

The measure is also meant to create a national policy to streamline federal support for responding to disasters and provide local leaders with data on how to curtail risk from floods.