Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik in a video posted to Twitter on Monday announced she would vote to object to "contested electors" in the presidential election. 

Stefanik in the video said her concerns were rooted in what she called overreach by state officials and "ballot security."

β€œI am committed to restoring the faith of the American people in our elections - that they are free, fair, secure, and according to the United States Constitution," she said in the video. 

A North Country Republican firsted elected in 2014, Stefanik has emerged a staunched supporter of President Donald Trump, rising to national prominence amid his defense during the impeachment proceeding last year.

"Tens of millions of Americans are rightly concerned that the 2020 election featured unprecedented voting irregularities, unconstitutional overreach by unelected state officials and judges ignoring state election laws, and a fundamental lack of ballot integrity and security," Stefanik said. 

Trump's campaign and his legal allies have asserted the results of the election were tainted with fraud, but no evidence has emerged that would overturn the results of the election. Multiple court challenges have failed and recounts in several key battleground states have affirmed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. 

A group of Republicans in the U.S. Senate led by Sen. Ted Cruz have announced they will vote against certifying the election on Wednesday in bid to have an audit for the results.