Republican Rep. John Katko in a statement Monday said he would not challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election and warned that overturning the vote so would "irrevocably alter our democracy and electoral processes."

Katko, the top Republican lawmaker on the House Homeland Security panel, in the statement said, "there has been no demonstration of widespread fraud that would warrant overturning the election results."

His statement comes as Republican lawmakers plan to vote on Wednesday against the final certification of the presidential election. Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik, who represents a neighboring House district, said she will challenge "contested electors" in the Wednesday vote. 

President Donald Trump and his allies have claimed widespread fraud in key swing states cost him the election, though no evidence in court challenges or state audits have emerged to back the assertions.

"Arguments were presented in dozens of court actions across this great land, including the United States Supreme Court, and the burden of proof was never met," Katko said.  "As a former federal prosecutor, the failure to meet this burden is impactful and cannot be ignored."

Katko went further, and warned that challenging the results isn't the job of Congress.

“It is not the role of Congress to usurp the will of the people and the electoral college," he said. "To do so would irrevocably alter our democracy and electoral processes.  We must certify our nation's election results."

Katko has raised concerns about cybersecurity surrounding election systems, something he wants to pursue on the House panel.
“Going forward this Congress, I will make it a priority in my position as Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee to thoroughly investigate, expose, and repair problems with our election administration procedures and build off the progress of the last four years to work with state and local partners to harden election infrastructure," he said.