The future is shining bright this weekend for thousands of college graduates across New York as many graduation ceremonies are set to take place.

But there remains some uncertainty leading up to commencement on campuses like Syracuse University, where protesters continue to stage an encampment in response to the war in Gaza.

Protestors held a press conference Friday to reiterate their demands for the school to divest from organizations with ties to Israel. They also claim they have never refused to move, instead accusing the school of refusing to negotiate with them.

Earlier this week, the university sent a letter to the protestors to move away from the quad ahead of graduation events.

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Syracuse University for a response, who did not have a statement. We are also continuing to monitor any developments.

There will also be some celebrating this weekend as graduates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Graduates have been dressed up in their cap and gown since Thursday, when rehearsals began for this weekend's ceremonies.  

Plenty of family members are on hand as well.

This year's graduates were the high school class of 2020. Their senior year traditions were largely interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graduates and families Spectrum News 1 spoke with say there is extra meaning to this weekend and they truly want this weekend to not be overshadowed by anything.

"We're the class of 2020 in high school, so March 2020 everything shut down, so we didn't have our senior proms," said SU graduate Dylan France. "We didn't have really our graduations. Really all this noise kind of was not there. I feel like really this is the first real graduation I have had and it is so exciting … especially at Syracuse, because there is so much going on."