While the number of younger people making estate plans is going up, experts state it is far too few. 

According to AARP, only 24% of people aged 18 to 34 have a will. When you go from 25 to 54, that number goes down 3%. Those over the age of 55, it's still less than half of the people, with only 45% of individuals ages 55 and older having a will.

Like so many others, Ronnie Miller has have a long list of reasons for not having done this before.

What You Need To Know

  • Less than half of Americans have a will

  • Many say they don't want to think about mortality, don't want to pay lawyer costs to get one done and don't want to spend time in a lawyer's office to get it done

  • VLAWSITY is a company that allows people to finalize wills from home, on a computer, with costs being no more than $250

On a trip with his wife to Mexico, the plan called for cliff jumping, and that got Miller thinking maybe he should have a will.

“You just never know what could happen. I've known friends that unfortunately have had some situations where they weren't prepared and it just caused a mess,” Miller said.

Experts state that people never want to think about death until there is a major life-changing event that forces them to.

“You're thinking about something that you don't want to think about death. You're spending money that you don't want to spend, and then you're going to a law firm that you don't want to go to. You're never going to get it done with those three things in the way,” VLAWSITY Co-founder and Vice President Kevin Barone said.

Barone created an online estate planning company which allows people to create and finalize their will and testament from home.

“They go on, they're going to answer a series of questions. The best part is within about 30 minutes or less, you've completed the entire process,” Barone said.

Barone hopes it is a game changer in New York, because he finds the statistics frightening.

“The bottom line is everybody thinks you're invincible, myself included, until you're not. It's at that moment you may not have enough time to do something like this. You may not have enough time to do your estate plan,” Barone said.

Everything from finances to possessions to the care of children will be left up to the courts for individuals without a will.

“You do not want a court deciding ... who takes care of your children. You want somebody that you know shares your values and you want to know that it's somebody you trust,” Barone said.

Barone says it is also critical that people keep their wills up to date, to account for all changes in your life — births, deaths, marriages, divorces, partnerships and more.