Carmelo Anthony, alongside his former head coach Jim Boeheim and fellow Syracuse star Eric Devendorf, helped open a newly renovated landmark drive-in ice cream stand and restaurant in Skaneateles.

Skan Ellus Drive In has been a long staple in the Skaneateles Marcellus area, famous for its ice cream and fast casual menu. The Lobdell family and partners, including Todd Reutsch and David Stewart, recently bought it and are hoping to breathe some new life into it after finishing a major renovation.

What You Need To Know

  • Carmelo Anthony was back in Syracuse to help open Skan Ellus Drive In, a landmark ice cream stand and restaurant in Skaneateles

  • Anthony was joined by his former coach, Hall of Famer Jim Boeheim, and another former Syracuse star, Eric Devendorf

  • Skan Ellus Drive In has been in the Skaneateles community for more than 60 years

Anthony says he wanted to come celebrate the opening because Syracuse is still such a strong part of him and he wants nothing more than to see the region succeed.

"I truly feel blessed to have this love when I come back to this area," Anthony said. "There will always be love from me to you. Let's continue to support Syracuse. Let's continue to get this train back on track."

"Whether it's Carmelo, whether it's Coach Boeheim or Devendorf or any of these guys, they really do love this community. That's what is so great about Central New York. People who show up, show up because they want to see this community be successful," Skan Ellus co-owner Vinny Lobdell added.

The Drive In will also have a playground for kids and a park for dogs.