The city of Syracuse is launching a pilot program to place "speed humps" on roads throughout the city.

The humps, which are like speed bumps, but larger, will be placed on Burnet Park Drive, Shonnard Street, Onondaga Park Drive, Stafford Avenue, and North Edwards Avenue.

Mayor Ben Walsh says the program is meant to deter speeding and increase safety in those neighborhoods.

“DPW’s new speed hump pilot program is one of the ways the City is helping to keep pedestrians and drivers safe,” said Mayor Walsh. “In many Syracuse neighborhoods, we’re hearing concerns about speeding on streets where there are children at play and families actively enjoying the outdoors. That’s unacceptable. Our goal is to evaluate effectiveness of speed humps and determine if the program can be expanded in the near future.”

The city will collect information and data from the pilot program through radar speed readers to see if the humps are effective.

All of them are designed so they won't hurt plowing or emergency services.