The life of a high school senior is anything but normal right now. Everything they've worked so hard to experience during their senior year, their senior trip, prom, even graduation has been taken away.  

However, now is also when we can see the true makeup of our future, these students taking the toughest of times and making the best of them.

The circumstances of 2020 have left so many looking for normal. For Kennedie Mushtare, that's her kitchen. The Carthage High School senior, who like so many her age, is having the least normal year we can remember.

No one would blame her, or any senior for that matter, for letting the anger and frustration of missing out on so much take over. However, Kennedie is only thinking bigger. She's focused on her dream career, baking.

"So yeah, this is something that I want to continue for the rest of my life. I'm very passionate about it," Mushtare said.

If these circumstances allow, Kennedie will take the next step in her baking journey this fall, when she heads to the Culinary Institute of America.  However, she's using this time to start prepping and using her work to make sure anyone who may feel down, can instead be inspired.

"My mom kind of talked about, what if we do some kind of non-contact delivery?" Mushtare said.

She came up with the idea of 'Thinking of You' Boxes. Through her Facebook page, Kennedie's Kreations, people can order a box of tasty treats. However, they don't order for themselves. Instead, it's a surprise for loved one that person may not be able to see, or even colleagues.

Every Thursday, Kennedie delivers the boxes and the smiles that follow.

"Some people obviously don't know I'm coming and just to see them smile and say, 'This is from so and so'. It brings a smile to their face," Mushtare said, telling Spectrum News it brings a giant smile to her face as well.

Some of her most special deliveries to those working in our health care facilities.

"I thought it would be a wonderful idea for everything that we're going through with the pandemic and everything to give my co-workers a little happy treat," said Samaritan Summit Village Administrative Assistant Sandy Hazen, who orders for her colleagues each week.

It is deliveries like this that Kennedie makes extra special, by donating extra boxes to make sure everyone can step back and remember better days are ahead.