It's almost time for Watertown to decide who will be its new mayor, so let's get to know these candidates.

What's your favorite show to watch?

"I don't necessarily have a favorite show, but I do like the History Channel and I do like Gold Rush," said candidate Jeff Smith.

"Designated Survivor," said candidate Allison Crossman.

"I like Stranger Things," said candidate Cody Horbacz.

Now that we know to the important stuff, let's get to the rest.

Horbacz is currently serving as a city council member; he has for four years. He believes this gives him an upper hand.

"We’ve made a lot of changes, we're moving in the right direction, and dozens of businesses have opened their doors down here in the last few years," Horbacz said.

Crossman doesn't have the political experience under her belt, but she's worked within city government and runs her own business.

"Things have been very stagnant for a very long time,” Crossman stated. “We need someone to come in to bring a fresh perspective, and not only that, but to offer a positive image of what our city can be now and into the future."

Smith is no stranger to politics. He served on the common council and has served with the Jefferson County legislature. He's also close with current Mayor Joe Butler.

"If you look at the council as a whole right now, there will be four possibly five years of experience on council,” said Smith. “I have 12 years of city government and two years of county government experience."

Each candidate is focusing on similar issues this race, like the hydroelectric contract with National Grid.

In 2030, the contract to sell hydroelectric power to National Grid will expire, leaving a $4-6 million deficit for the city.

"[We need] a local committee of intelligent people to address the hydrocontract issue," said Smith.

Another topic is the issue of being mandated by the state to build a second courtroom.

"The second courtroom is going to be hosting drug court, which is been a very successful effort in our community," said Crossman.

There's also the talk of getting businesses back in Watertown.

"I want to build a community that's attractive to young professionals," said Horbacz.