Nearly one month ago, hurricane Florence ripped through the Carolina's. The category 4 hurricane at landfall left homes, businesses, and families belonging underwater.

Little Falls native Dan Enea who volunteers with the American Red Cross got back from Greenville North Carolina on Wednesday and shares his story of what is left from Hurricane Florence.

“It was just sad to see people's lives and homes torn away from them,” said Enea. “I helped out with Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, [Florence] is right there with them.”

Enea was stationed in Greenville North Carolina and New Bern. He spent his 12 hour days helping the Red Cross assess the damage which was done.

"We would go to a house we were told to go to and go to the app on our smartphone and put what we thought was wrong with it,” said Enea. “We determined if it could be lived in again or what not."

Enea shared with us what he took away from the trip after the devastation he saw.

"You know the worst part is people they build a home, raise a family in it, and it can be taken away in a minute with the water damage,” said Enea.

The American Red Cross is gearing up for disaster relief following hurricane Michael and the executive director for the Mohawk Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross, Mallory Brown, she said never wait for a disaster to become a part of this volunteer team.

"Don't wait for a disaster to strike, because we really need the time to make sure you are ready to go if you want to go and help,” said Brown.

If you are interested in volunteering for your local chapter of the American Red Cross, visit the Red Cross' website.