ALBANY, N.Y. – A year ago this week, the Capital Region was shocked by the murder of a family inside their Guilderland Home.

With no real leads in their investigation, state police and other authorities gave an update on the case on Tuesday where they said they hope someone will come forward with information.

“Someone has that answer and the problem is that someone hasn’t come forward,” Albany County District Attorney David Soares said at a press conference on Tuesday.

A for-sale sign stands outside the home where the Chen family was brutally murdered. The white ribbons symbolizing the Chinese color of mourning have faded to brown.

Almost a year has passed since Jin Chen, his wife Hai Yan Li and their two young boys Andy and Eddy were killed in the middle of the night. State Police, the District Attorney’s office and Guilderland police are still looking for that one person to come forward to give them the break the need.

“This was a very intentional act with very intended targets,” Soares said. “But the reasons why you would take the life of children? You have to actually be sitting across from the person who did that to ask that question.”

State Police Captain Scott Coburn said he doesn’t have evidence to suggest this wasn’t organized crime by the Chinese mafia, but speaking to anyone who might know about hat connection continues to be difficulty.

Soares says the difficulty lies in the language barrier and the worry potential sources have of deportation or other criminal charges.

“For us, it’s creating an environment as law enforcement to allow those individuals who may or may not be involved in those issues to want to come forward and provide information,” Soares said.

Soares promised immunity from immigration charges so reluctant witnesses come forward.

One year later and authorities are worried they could be standing here again saying the same thing next year. No breakthroughs, no suspects and no justice for an entire family murdered at home.