It looks like we’ll ease into meteorological winter with an above average mean temp for the month of December greater than 32 degrees. The mean temp for the month is 30 degrees. That temp is arrived at by averaging all of the highs and lows for the month over a series of years. So, it looks like we’ll be “warmer” than average for the month. There may be, however, individual days where the actual mean for the date is colder than 32 by quite a bit, but also days well above it.

The snowfall averages for each month are determined the same way. For December, the average snowfall for the entire month is 21.8 inches. It looks like we’ll be well below that receiving less than 16.8 inches for the month. The pattern can still be quite active, but with means above 32, rain and/or icy mix cut into snow tallies.

The mean temp for January is 24.7 degrees. It looks like the mean temps for January 2019 will end up being close to that — between 22.7 and 26.7 degrees. Snowfall also looks somewhat average with our predicted monthly snowfall ranging between 23.2 and 33.2 inches. The average for January is 28.2 inches.

February then looks cold! The mean temp for all of February is 26.4 degrees. Our forecast shows a mean for the month less than 24.4 inches. This may not correlate, however, into a snowy month. Yearly average snowfall for the month is 21.5 inches while our forecast calls for somewhat average snowfall ranging between 16.5 and 25.5 inches.

Have a great winter!