This year East got off to a hot start might, taking the Section by surprise, but to the Eagles, their success was no surprise at all.

"The first game of summer league we knew that this was going to be our year," said Junior Kaori Barley. "We didn't lose a game until the last one and that just motivated us, like we got to stay humble and we got to keep winning.

Strong family ties are abundant among the East roster. But even if you're not a brother or a cousin, you're still considered family

"I feel like family with them," said Senior Chaz Washington. "We spend a lot of time together outside of school too."

"What makes us, us is that we love each other," said Junior Zechariah Harris-Scott. "We're brothers. If one is down, we're all down. If one is up, we're all up."

Those family dynamics extend to the coaching staff. Both head Coach Darrel Barley and Assistant Coach Tony Scott have sons and nephews playing this year. Something made a little bit more special, since both are East grads themselves.

"You get to see your nephew and your son traveling the halls that you once traveled, playing a sport that's been so great to you and watching their dreams unfold right in front of their eyes," said Scott.

Those new generation Barleys and Scotts know they have big shoes to fill, but they're ready to create their own legacy.

"I'm confident in what I can do and I know what I can do so I got out there and play," said Junior Dyllon Scott. "I don't think about that."

"I think they want to build their own legacy and win sectionals and maybe go further," said Barley.

Headed into sectionals, the players only have one destination in mind, and they think they have the road map to get there.

"Just got to bring the dedication, hard work," said Senior Maurice Coney III. "We got to stay together and keep our chemistry up, defense is going to be a big thing. But I think we can get to states, most definitely, state championships."

The Eagles begin that journey Saturday on their home court.