Grayson Zenelovic is in his second season as Wayne High School’s quarterback, a position he assumed after his older brother, Braeden, suffered a broken foot early last season.

 “It was kind of nerve-wracking. I don't usually get nervous for games but him being hurt, I knew I had to step in for him,” Grayson said. He's a great quarterback so it was some big shoes to fill, but it was nice to have him there on the sideline to help me out."

"Me and him definitely bonded as brothers through that time,” Braeden added. “It was great, it was a learning experience for both of us and we were able to help each other both ways throughout it so it was great.”

Having your brother’s back runs in the Zenelovic family. Their father and uncle are members of the Rochester Police Department.

“The two of them have always been heroes to me. If they're missing a Christmas party or something, I know they're out there doing work because there's other guys that need to be home with their families,” Grayson said. “They take so many risks and they're out there protecting the streets."

Grayson is taking that example of service and sacrifice to heart.

“I'm looking to join the United States Navy to be a SEAL,” he said.  “I've already taken a lot of steps towards there. It's a lot of work to be done. It's hardest thing that anyone can do. Just the whole idea of being able to protect and serve in some way really appealed to me."

Zenelovic and the Eagles begin their sectional run as a three seed, hosting Hornell on Friday.