ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Rochester Police Department says more people under the age of 18 have been shot so far this year than in the last decade.

Captain Frank Umbrino discussed this publicly Wednesday afternoon after overnight drive-by shootings that resulted in five teens being shot.

The department says the circumstances behind those shootings are still being investigated.

Umbrino shared his frustration, saying the community needs to figure out where this behavior is learned by the younger generation.

He also pointed to criminal justice reform, which he says allows people who commit crimes to go back on the street and cause more harm.

"If you catch the same kids doing the same things over and over again, and you have to give them a ticket and let them go, you're not going to help stop that behavior," Umbrino said. "I'm not saying [to put] everybody in jail. And you’re going to have all these people say, "all he wants to do is put everybody in jail.’ No. If we're not going to incarcerate them, or if we are going to incarcerate them, what programs do we have in place to help these kids, to teach these kids to live by the norms of society and not hurt other people?"

Rochester is on track to have its most violent year in history, and is currently sitting at 68 homicides. The record is 69.