ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A rally was held outside the Rochester Public Safety Building Thursday to call for the passage of legislation that organizers say would help save lives.

Compassionate New York says it wants the state to pass laws guaranteeing health care for every New Yorker, stop unjust evictions and end mass incarceration.

According to organizers, the legislative agenda would save the state nearly $12 billion in the first year alone if it were to be signed into law.

Those at the rally say this agenda would also help address systemic racism and create a more equitable pandemic recovery for all.

"I think there just needs to be more compassion for people that have gone through eviction, imprisoning and losing their healthcare cause it's just traumatic all over. We need to have more compassion and pass laws that will let people live and be healthy," said Hacate Rosewood of Rochester.

Organizers also say passing the legislation would reduce the state's healthcare spending by nearly $10 billion.