ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Former Rochester Police Chief La'Ron Singletary has filed a claim against the City of Rochester and Mayor Lovely Warren, claiming defamation and a hostile work environment, and that the mayor told him to lie about the circumstances surrounding the death of Daniel Prude and the investigation into it.

The paperwork was filed earlier this month.

He also alleges that she asked him to misstate facts and lie about the timeline of the investigation in his testimony to city council.

The claim references media appearances made by the mayor in which she allegedly disparaged Singletary's honesty and integrity.

The former chief said that the mayor's decision to move up his last day in office was retaliatory because his "refusal to agree to parrot Mayor Warren's false narrative."

Singletary said the move by the mayor to terminate him from his position before his retirement date deprived him of benefits, and caused "anguish."

The notice of claim alleges that Mayor Warren had other members of the administration speak to Chief Singletary about his part in the investigation, and alleges that those officials told Singletary that the mayor was going to be tough on him and his performance as chief when she addressed the media.

Bridgette Burch White, Spokeswoman for the City of Rochester, released a statement:

“The City administration continues to fully comply with the ongoing review by City Council into the death of Daniel Prude, as it did with the OPI investigation that found no wrongdoing. As for the Notice of Claim, it confirms the fact that Mayor Warren was never shown the body worn camera footage of the incident by former chief Singletary. It also confirms that Mayor Warren first saw the video on August 4th when it was provided by Corporation Counsel, a fact that Mr. Singletary refused to acknowledge until now. The City will fully defend taxpayers against this frivolous suit.”

The notice of claim begins on page 37 of the following document: