ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Surveillance video from earlier this summer shows the claw of a City of Rochester garbage truck uprooting a bench and tossing a person on it.

City operations officials claim they were never told about the incident by the driver.

In the video, the hydraulic claw on a truck is seen trying to snag a public garbage can on South Avenue.

The claw hooks a bench in the process, pulling it up from the sidewalk and throwing the woman sitting there.

Officials say this happened in late July and they found out about it in late August.

They're trying to track down the woman in the video as they don't know if this person was even hurt.

"We really don't know. I've seen the same video you've seen and we're really trying to reach out to find her to see if she's alright," said director of operations Karen St. Aubin. "So if somebody knows who she is, please contact us at 311."

Department leaders say the driver retired after the incident.

The bench has not yet been repaired.