Protesters in Rochester mobilized immediately on Wednesday after the announcement regarding Daniel Prude's death and investigation, and have been active all afternoon and evening. 

The protest has spanned two locations and lasted several hours, and though the numbers have dwindled, the protest is still going strong.

The protest started at the Public Safety Building in Downtown Rochester, which got tense at times with protestors pushing at barricades and police firing off pepper balls multiple times.

The protest, which drew out at least 200 people, started in response to the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died in RPD custody after being arrested in March.

Protestors then marched to Jefferson Avenue and Dr. Samuel McCree Way, which is near where Prude was arrested.

Through the course of the evening, there’s been chanting, kneeling, and music, with Free the People ROC handing out food and water to keep the protest going.

Protest organizers with Free the People ROC are calling for the officers involved with Prude’s arrest to be charged with his death.

"If one of us committed a murder, it would've been on the news that night," said Free the People ROC organizer Ashley Gantt. "They could've released a statement saying someone died in police custody or while trying to be apprehended by police, but they said nothing. It took us six months just to get the body cam footage."

Though things were a bit tense at the PSB, the protest since has been peaceful, and police are keeping their distance.

This is a developing situation. Spectrum News has a crew at the scene and will update this article as more information becomes available.