The owner of a Rochester cell phone store, who is already operating through hard times, has been forced to temporarily close another one of his eight stores after a car crashed into his business Tuesday night.

"I came in here and literally, the whole car was inside the store... the whole back room is gone," said store owner Mike Aqil.

That's what Aqil saw when he showed up at his North Goodman and Central Park Metro PCS store around 9:30 p.m. Police say the driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brake sending her SUV into the business. Earlier this summer, rioters looted two of Aqil's other stores and the coronavirus forced him to close several locations in area malls.  

"This 2020 needs to finish so we can say happy new year! I'm ready for the new year, we can celebrate today if you want to!" Aqil said.

Firefighters spent several hours on the scene making sure the building was secure. For now, Mike says the store will be closed until repairs can be made.