The idea of creating a human buffer between protesters and Rochester police officers was developed by Pastor Myra Brown and the mayor's office, which was demonstrated during the fifth night of protests in the city.

Protesters were able to supersize their first amendment right to assemble while Rochester police officers protected the public safety building based on threats made.



Sunday’s demonstration was much different the days prior. For five straight nights, protesters have called for justice over the death of Daniel Prude.

Unlike previous nights, however, Sunday remained peaceful, despite hosting the largest turnout throughout the week.

"We’ve asked them to not fire on the protesters, to let us as elders manage the crowd,” said Spritus Christi Pastor Dr. Myra Brown. “I think if we are the front line, I think we can manage things."

Spiritus Christi church on North Fitzugh Dtreet has served as a sanctuary for protesters since Wednesday night.