TAMPA, Fla. — Research included in a new report by the Alzheimer’s Association shows Black Americans are twice as likely to have Alzheimer’s disease than white Americans, yet the population is significantly underrepresented in clinical trials for treatments.

It’s a statistic Dr. Susan Steen, president of Axiom Brain Health, said could change with education and awareness.

donanemab trial is underway at Axiom. It’s the latest Alzheimer’s drug awaiting approval from the FDA.

Steen said more diverse participation is needed.

“The disease may be different. We don’t know if the treatment will be as helpful,” said Steen. “Or if they’ll be as safe or have other tolerability issues so it’s very, very important that we reach communities of diversity.”

Mack Davis is a participant in the donanemab trial. When making the decision to enroll, his wife Janette Davis said the couple’s first thoughts were of their daughter.

“The thing that drew me to hit was my daughter,” Janette Davis said. “My father had Alzheimer’s. His father had Alzheimer’s. Now he has Alzheimer’s. What about my daughter?”

Davis wanted to share her husband’s experience in the hopes of raising awareness about the disease for other Black families.

For more information on how to enroll in the trial at Axiom, visit the clinic’s website.