ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Hungry for charity?

A Hungry Hungry Hippos gaming tournament took place at Three Head Brewing.

“I was really excited because I hadn't played this game in a long time and I did a lot of stretching,” participant Bruce Blue said. “I stretch my fingers before the game.”

Those in attendance raised money and awareness to help eliminate child hunger in Rochester.

“We think it's crazy that kids in Rochester don't have enough food,” organizer and owner of NORCHAR Real Estate Craig Schneider said. “Considering we waste food. So we believe that our social mission from day one is to help families out here in the Rochester area.”

NORCHAR Real Estate partnered with the organization Foodlink to raise over $13,000, with the goal to feed 125 kids for the next year.

“We're open to raising a lot more money for food,” organizer and real estate agent Brandon Weeks said. “We already have a generous contribution. And we're trying to piggyback off of that. I know it's a rainy day. [It’s the] perfect time to come in. Time to get a beer and donate to a great cause.”

“I think it's really great to get everyone together, to give back, especially during the holidays,” participant Charlene Paddock said. “You know, we all have gone through things before. There's no reason we should spread that out to everybody.”

Despite some not taking home a prize, they are still winners to the people they’ve helped.

“I always felt like a winner,” Blue said. “Everybody knew everybody was competing in this competition to feel like a winner because it's for a great cause to donate for hungry kids in our area.”