ROCHESTER, N.Y. — ​Dozens of volunteers spent Friday helping to construct a new play space in Rochester’s Beechwood neighborhood.

“Kaboom!, Roc the Future, Healthi Kids, Connected Communities and the city of Rochester all teamed up to build this new adventure course on Grand Avenue Park.

Local kids have also contributed by taking part in the design aspect of the park.

It’s already a playground, but organizers say they wanted a space for older kids to be able to enjoy as well.

“We wanted our connection to be a focus on the child playing, adults playing, but also the learning aspect,” Tanishia Johnson, from Roc the Future, said. “And so for both demographics of youth, young adults as well as well as our younger children and the adults that will be coming to the space. We just wanted it to be that type of play space.”

Organizers say they received money for the adventure course through a grant they applied for through Kaboom!

The park is expected to be fully open on September 16.