The pandemic has no doubt been tough for many businesses, but one Pittsford-based business is not only celebrating a milestone, they are also expanding.

Terry Dacey has worked with Hadlock Paint in the pandemic has no doubt been tough for many businesses. 

Dacey says they are celebrating 100 years in business by opening a new hardware store, also in Pittsford Colony shopping center.

"Because of the volume of traffic, combined with the number of locally owned businesses is something they just don't see in very many places anymore, so the choice was very easy. We've been the only paint store in pittsford for many years and we are looking forward to being the only hardware store now," said Dacey.

Dacey explains Hadlock Paint has been able to expand into hardware because even though they struggled at the beginning of the pandemic last spring, business picked up.

"A lot of people at home are putting extra effort into projects both inside and out, so it was an excellent summer for exterior painting  and we know as well, the hardward business or anything related to home improvement has done well since the spring," said Dacey

Hadlock's Ace Hardware also fills a void in the town of Pittsford as it is the first hardware store in 20 years.

Dacey attributes their success to their employees.

"We enjoy doing what we are doing and it's just the result of that and the people that are involved in this store will share that same commitment and enjoy it as much as those that have worked with me for decades in the paint business," said Dacey.

Their grand opening is planned for April.