A common New Year's resolution for many is to be in better shape. One local gym is hoping to inspire people to think fitness in the New Year.

10-year-old Tyler Wentworth of Spencerport is beginning the New Year at the Fitness Warehouse in Hilton for a workout session.

"It helps get you better in certain ways. You can do agility, get faster, and then lift weights to get stronger. It just helps you a better athlete," said Wentworth.

Jay Caruso, a personal trainer, organizes these sessions multiple times a week, specifically for the youth.

He says there is an advantage for getting kids to think about fitness early.

"What we found is that kids that work out 2 to 3 times a week also do better in the class room. Test scores are higher in reading and math and they let out hopefully most of their aggression here rather in class," said Caruso.

As many are looking to be in better shape in 2021, Caruso reminds adults and kids alike the best way to accomplish that goal is to take it one step at a time.

"My biggest motto is dreams are just dreams until you set a goal to it and I think you have to find something that's achievable and work towards the next goal. Goals should be in steps," explained Caruso.

It's a lesson Wentworth uses to keep himself motivated for the New Year as he still can't play his favorite sport, lacrosse during the pandemic.

"Try to work out more because the normal sports aren't happening and do something like hanging out with your family. I do it to spend time with my dad so it helps that too," said Wentworth.

Parents interested in signing up their kids for the workout sessions can call the Fitness Warehouse at 585-392-6277 or go to their website.